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Meadowdale Classic

April 1-2, 2023

Age Group: 14U,  16/18U
Field Type: Turf

Format: 4GG

Cost: $700

Locations: 16700 66th Ave W,  Lynnwood, WA  98037


Dale Gellner  (425) 330-1000

Payable to :NSA of WA                  
15109 45th Place W.
Lynnwood, WA 98087




Please only park in legal spots 

you will be ticketed or towed

No Motorhomes in main lot.

Nearby schools provide ample parking

Specific Turf Field Rules

  1. No gum, seeds, food or tobacco allowed

  2. No flavored drinks allowed

  3. No metal cleats

  4. No bicycles, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards

  5. No sharp objects/stakes that could damage the turf

  6. No portable heaters

  7. No climbing the fence

  8. No hitting, kicking or throwing balls into the fence






14U (Full starting waiting list)

Absolute Blast - Pettitt


Sno Shock 2010 Campbell 

Absolute Blast 12U Taylor

North Seattle Rage - Blackout

North Seattle Rage 14u Orange


Sammamish Spartans

Absolute Blast 14U - Rafferty

Flame 09 14u - Dill

ai bandits 14U - Ruess/Sperry

Seattle Spice 14U

Elevate Fastpitch Seattle

Shock 14U

14u Ladyhawks Mick

Ladyhawks 14u Winters

Whatcom Wolverines 14U

SFC Flare 14U

Chehalis Cats 14U

MGI Fastpitch 14U

16/18 (Full starting waiting list)

Mayhem 18u

Snohomish Shock 05 Bombach

NW Grapettes 16U-Wilson

Fury White 18U-Rudek

MGI Fastpitch 18U

14u - Abraham Ladyhawks


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