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This year you are required to have NSA Fastpitch Westpoint insurance for all NSA tournaments.
For all of your support you have given NSA of Washington the tournament directors in Washington are going to purchase Westpoint Tournament Insurance to cover your team if you play in a NSA tournament this year if you do not have it . This will allow those team from out of state or that might only play in a few NSA tournaments to keep their cost down. If you already have team insurance with Westpoint your team is covered. Tournament Insurance only covers your team at that one tournament. ALL teams must be register with and have a 2020 sanction number.


If your team is interested in purchasing team insurance you can do so through either of the following links.

PLEASE NOTE:  Field Owners insurance does not cover players injuries that occur at softball tournaments and/or league - Field Owners insurance is for directors and field owners only. To be covered for injuries incurred playing in softball events, teams will need to purchase team insurance. See above links for more information.

Refund Policy


  1. If you sign up for a tournament and drop out after the brackets are completed you will forfeit your entry fee.

  2. If a tournament has a rain delay and the tournament is completed in full you will get a $75.00 refund for the per game lost..

  3. If a tournament starts play but is not completed you will get a refund for games not played that were    guaranteed as a percentage of the entry fee. example: 4gg you played 2 games and tourney got rained out
    you will get a refund of $200 if the entry fee is $400 . If a tournament gets completely rained out the Tournament Director has the right to withhold $25.00 per team for overhead expenses. In this case it would be for out of town tournament to cover the umpires travel and hotels.

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